Tuesday, 21 June 2011

One Minute Africa

With less than one month until the deadline, remember to submit your videos to...

One Minutes are videos of exactly 60 seconds. You can now send us your One Minute videos for the first-ever One Minutes Africa competition (flyers attached).

There are 6 Categories to choose from:

1. Spoken word & sound: The art of language and sound, ranging from oral history to the sounds of the street
2. In my backyard: What is it like where you live? What happens there? Give us a sense of the place and the goings-on that surround you.
3. Where history begins: With real people in real places, history begins. Express your ideas of time and experience, from ‘small’, personal histories to large-scale events.
4. Micro-commercials: Small companies run by passionate owners
5. Portraits: Even in a single minute, the essence of a person or object can be revealingly portrayed. What is your One Minute portrait?
6. Privacy: What does privacy mean for you?

8 videos in each category will be nominated for an award. Prize winners will be invited to the awards ceremony hosted by the Townhouse Gallery in Cairo, Egypt, this coming September.

Be sure to join our Facebook page, One Minutes Africa, for the latest updates and submissions!

Deadline for submissions: 15 July 2011.

Submitting your video online?

Visit The One Minutes website to fill out the forms and send us your videos through wetransfer.com

Submitting your videos by post?

Living in Africa but located outside of Egypt? Send your video as data to:
The One Minutes
Fred Roeskestraat 98
1076 ED Amsterdam

Living in Egypt? Send your video as data to:
Townhouse Gallery
c/o One Minutes Africa
10 Nabrawy St off Champollion St
Downtown, Cairo

Questions still not answered? Email devon@thetownhousegallery.com

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