Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Beyond Football - Shifting Interests and Identity

Bimpe Adebambo (N), Andrew Asiebo (N), Yetunde Babaeko (N/D), Uchay Joel Chima (N), Nina Erfle (D), Uche James-Iroha (N), Ebele Okoye (N), Lerrato Shadi (SA), Alafuro Sikoki (N), Katrin Ströbel (D)
Curator: Emeka Udemba (N)

SAVVY Contemporary
Richardstr.43/44 | 12055 Berlin-Neukölln

Opening: 25.06.2011, 7.00 pm.
Exhibition: 26.06 – 08.07.2011 | Thurs - Sun, 4.00 - 8.00 pm.

The discourse regarding women and gender is one of the pivotal topics that
have captured the imagination of social and political critics in recent
decades. Whether in politics, economics or in the educational sphere,
the place of women in today’s society is still a contested issue.

As part of the events commemorating the 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup
tournament in Germany, the exhibition Beyond football – shifting
interests and identity, interrogates through the prism of the game of
football issues of gender, sexuality, discrimination, and life- style in contemporary societies.

The project’s intent is not to overturn the multiple axes of stratification affecting women. Nonetheless, this exhibition provides a platform to negotiate, challenge, disrupt, deconstruct, re-construct and question entrenched ideas on gender.

The exhibition will also be shown in Lagos, Nigeria.Beyond football – shifting
interests and identity, will be accompanied by an exclusive catalogue.

This project is a cooperation between the Goethe Institute Lagos and SAVVY
Contemporary Berlin, and it is supported by the Kulturamt Neukölln, DHL, Nigerian Embassy Berlin.

For further Informations, please contact:
www.savvy-contemporary.com | www.goethe.de
Press contact: Claudia Lamas Cornejo | contact@savvy-contemporary.com

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