Sunday, 29 June 2008

Jay-Z live at Glastonbury 2008

Jay-Z tore it up at Glastonbury on the weekend, silencing critics such as Noel Gallagher who proceeded to rubbish Jay-z’s selection as the headliner. I read and laughed as people wrote into London papers saying how s**t Jay-Z was. First of all most of these people probably couldn’t distinguish between his songs let alone give any reason for using such derogatory/ strong language other that ‘Money, Ho’s and Clothes’ and in Jigga’s words ‘What kind of facts are those?’

Even if you don’t listen to a certain type of music is it right to say it is s**t, I mean a multi-platinum artist like Jay Z???? Most of the bands that play Glastonbury seem only to be big in this little island called the UK and could no way compete in terms of fans or records sold. I mean I understand the festival is meant to be about guitar bands but what about sheer entertainment and showmanship? Well I guessed Jigga showed up and showed off!

Now I am no whelly wearer or a camp out side for a gig type of girl but the prejudice I witnessed surrounding this event left me with a bitter taste in my mouth, leading to this rant!

I pay attention to lyrics in music and to say that all they get from his music is bling, guns and drugs is hilarious when all I see from most of these bands (e.g Baby shambles, I couldn’t be bothered to learn the names) seem to promote crack and heroin use without any remorse and barely a slap on the wrist.

In a time where artists are starting to see beyond the borders of their genre’s and start working outside the box, its up to the consumer to give way to this, Linkin Park and Jay-Z’ Encore/ Numb is a great testament to this.


Dee.... said...

Great Post, i totally agree with you on this. I think it was fear that lead to their actions - Fear of becoming "normal"/"poplular" or listening to the "type" of music the majority listens to.

SweetPotatoPie said...

Couldn't have put it better myself!!! This definitley encourages poeeple especially me to listen to the lyrics not just bouncing our heads to the tune. Thank you.

Tavi said...

Very good review. I'd be pleased to link!

Ms Olumide said...

i was at the show myselef and it was funny how most people around me (all white 20-40 somethings) knew all the words to all the songs! I, a black spoken word artist who likes hip hop didn't. I think if he had been on any other stage, and not a Saturday night spot, no one would have cared. It's all a bit hypocritical. Amy Winehouse's music is also not guitar based.... btw.
I think it was a great show (and I'm still not a fan) and as far as I can say... people loved it!