Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Thu 1 Apr
John Hegley
+ Found in Translation
+ Barbican Young Poets

Barbican Art Gallery | FREE | 7pm

We help celebrate another side of legendary London architect and visionary artist Ron Arad. For the industrial design maverick, inventor of the SMS displaying Swarovski Crystal chandelier, is also a word fanatic. In this special event in conjunction with Barbican Art Gallery’s retrospective, eccentric comic wordsmith John Hegley performs a selection of poems inspired by Arad’s love of repartee. Literary new-kids-on-the-block Found in Translation take you on a breakneck mystery tour of obscurantist French writing group The Oulipo – an ‘a’e’i’o’universe of extremist poetry puzzles; and Barbican Young Poets respond to the exhibition with a selection of new works. All this in the delectable surroundings of the special exhibition venue where you can relax in Ron Arad furniture or have a go on his ping-pong table.

Co-hosted by the Barbican

“A recipe for madness” —The Londonist on Found in Translation

“Pure, unadulterated, genius” —Daily Information on Found in Translation

“If the show is half as entertaining as the book then I’d feel cheated, as John Hegley excels in front of an audience.” —BBC on John Hegley

“Since March, these 14-20 year old wordsmiths have been taking over an unsuspecting workshop room in the Barbican’s inner labyrinth every other Wednesday, to think, breathe and write poetry with the Foundry’s own Jacob Sam-La Rose.”
—The Foundry on the Barbican Young Poets

Grey Area presents 'Martha Rosler reads Vogue'

'Martha Rosler reads Vogue' looks at the luxury magazine and the veils through which the amorous glances of commodities charm and fascinate with their illusions:

Identification, aspiration, wealth, social superiority, class appreciation of the finer things in life, all these are imbricated in an orgy of bourgeois values; the enduring symptom of women's asymmetric relation to power insistently realized through the private world as to-be-looked-at-ness and being-for-others; the elliptic worlds of fashion, art, media, entertainment and the nexus of money; the co-dependency of the artist producing recondite commodities, possession of which bestows distinction within this realm.

The works in the show by Alison Jones (ink drawings), Martha Rosler (video) and Milly Thompson (prints) span 3 decades. The show reflects on post-feminism as anti-feminism where invidious forms of oppression are obsequiously returned through the discourse of the free market and consumer culture. New forms of individuality and self-objectification concur with the old forms of the to-be-looked-at-ness of femininity.

In the video Martha Rosler reads "Vogue" (1982) Martha Rosler examines the ideology of the fashion industry. The work coincides historically with the moment a backlash against feminism was first identified and the term Post-Feminist was coined. The values Rosler interrogated then are now ubiquitous within popular culture, but granted legitimacy through the seeming incorporation of feminism within mainstream politics.

Alison Jones depicts the ongoing asymmetry of women's relation to power through the parade of private wealth and culture as seen through the lens of W magazine. Women are photographed contemplating the high art photographs of Helmut Newton and Thomas Ruff. Newton's models pose undressed at sybaritic feasts or as objects on pedestal tables; Ruff rephotographs anonymous internet pornography.

Milly Thompson's graphic digital prints are aestheticised utterances reiterating the subliminal messages of aspiration and desire. Spoken in different registers from the romance of the French language to the plain crude, the electric pulse of neon signs glow as if through raindrops in the dark night of the soul at 3 o'clock in the morning.

Alison Jones and Milly Thompson in conversation
Saturday 20th March 7.30 pm.

Grey Area is a not-for-profit space in Brighton. Set up in 2006 it has become a platform for experimental contemporary art events in a non-sterile project space.

Grey Area
31 Queens Road

Opening Hours:
Thursday - Sunday 1 - 5pm

Private View:
Friday 12th Feb 6 - 9pm


A celebration of drama

Dead Line April 9th 2010

Now in its 7th year - *Buffalo-san a Black & Asian short film festival, part of the Wandsworth Arts Festival, is happening again on Sunday May 16th at the Bedford Arms Theatre space, in Balham. We will feature innovative and exciting short films from new and established film makers from all over the country and abroad. Including Q&A with film makers, great prizes for best film (chosen by the audience) plus showcasing live performance from poets and musicians.

The festival will be attended by development executives from C4 – BBC Drama – The UK Film Council – Miramax -Working title and other film media professionals.

The ethos of the *Buffalo film festival is to promote and celebrate innovative filmmakers from the Black & Asian Diaspora, and specifically encourage new audiences to explore and be entertained by the filmmakers visions.

For more information and to request an application form email:
Tel: 07961 38 22 98

There is no submission fee.


There will be live poetry and music performance on the night

Events: Craft rally

Craft Rally is a series of inclusive and dynamic seminars for makers, supported by the Crafts Council; an opportunity for makers to exchange information and ideas both online and offline.

Part 1: London
Date: Thursday 25 March 2010; 10am – 5pm; evening event 5pm – 7pm
Venue: Chelsea College of Art and Design, 16 John Islip Street, London SW1P 4JU
Tickets for this event are £40 per place.

Speakers, participants and contributors to the inaugural event in London include:

* Rebecca Earley and the TED (Textiles, Environment, Design) team
* Shane Waltener
* Professor Kay Politowicz
* Paul Harper and maker development group Alias
* David Gates
* Dr. Becky Shaw
* Zoe Laughlin
* Clare Qualmann

Special events and activities include:

* Repair & Mend sessions: Breathe new life into old and damaged clothes and ceramics in these practical sessions.
* Talking Heads: Add your voice to the video vox pop that will collect ideas about contemporary crafts practice in a series of interviews with Rally delegates.
* Dialogue Forum: An opportunity for informal conversation, dialogue and networking with speakers and other delegates in Craft Rally HQ.
* Non-Confidential by the Bricolage Textile Collective: Rally delegates will be invited to leave feedback, make comment, or note an idea, on event tablecloths through stitch and print.
* Sampler- Culture Clash performance networking drinks and a performance bringing together the worlds of embroidery and DJing through collaboration with embroiderers, dj’s, beat-boxers, performance poets, filmmakers, curators from the V&A and the Embroiderers’ Guild.

See the Craft Rally page for full information and booking.

Part 2: Sheffield
Date: Friday 23 April 2010; 1.30pm - 5.00 pm
Venue: Museums Sheffield: Millennium Galleries, Learning Centre
Tickets for this event are £20 per place.

Discounted booking of £50 if you book for both Sheffield and London Event

Book now to avoid disappointment!
See the Artquest website for full information and booking details.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Heart of the Race: Black Feminism in Britain

Saturday 6 March, 10am – 5pm

Held at The Women's Library

This day provides an overview of the rise of black British feminism in the 1970s.

It will draw on the Black Cultural Archives’ recent oral history project, which collected testimonies from the women involved in OWAAD (Organisation of Women of African and Asian Descent) and other Black women's groups.

Heart of the Race considers the significance of the movement, and reflects on how grassroots Black and Asian women’s movement became important to an emerging black British feminist consciousness.

In collaboration with Black Cultural Archives & London Metropolitan Archives.

(Please note – this event was postponed from 14 November 2009).