Saturday, 9 October 2010

Sign Up for the Street Photography Now Project

Each Friday from 1 October 2010 a new Instruction will be issued by one of the photographers featured in Street Photography Now. This will appear on the front page of this website, and be sent out by email.

To receive the weekly Instruction by email, send a message to with SPNP in the subject header. You can join at any time.

You may upload one photograph per Instruction to the Street Photography Now Project Flickr Group. You may respond to as many Instructions as you want.

We are looking for candid photographs taken in the stream of everyday life. Your photographs should demonstrate an understanding of the history and practice of street photography – you can stretch or even break the unwritten rules of the genre, but you should be aware of them first. It may help to read the introduction to Sophie Howarth and Stephen McLaren’s book Street Photography Now.

The Project administrators reserve the right to remove any unsuitable photographs without explanation.

Project Rules

If you choose to contribute photographs to our Flickr groups, you must agree to the following:

1. Only upload photographs in response to the current Instruction
2. A maximum of 1 photograph can be uploaded per person, per week
3. Discussions are welcomed but please keep them relevant to the theme
4. The Flickr site may be visited by children and family groups, so suitable content only
5. Anyone posting to Flickr takes full responsibility for the content of their photograph or words
6. The photograph you submit must be your own work, and by adding it to this group you confirm that you are the copyright holder
7. Anyone adding photographs to Flickr agrees to have their work featured on and
8. Anyone adding photographs to Flickr agrees that their image can be used by The Photographers Gallery* to help publicise The Street Photography Now Project
9. If you would like your photograph credited with something other than your Flickr name, please make sure you include this information with your photo before you add it to Flickr

You can join the Project at any time.

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