Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Precedents and Currents

an exhibition curated by
Nwafor Uju Nkiruka Jane


Precedents and Currents
Media reports have shown that demonstrations over poor public service in South Africa have soared since the past few years. In some of the protests, police fired rubber bullets at protesters who were demonstrating over the grim housing conditions they are forced to live in. Other upsetting riots, where foreigners were either killed or have their properties looted and burnt, featured recurrent elements of xenophobia. These instances of violent or sometimes peaceful protests inspired the theme of this exhibition.

Precedents and Currents is an exhibition that intends to see how these recent occurrences relate to the violent protests that happened during the apartheid era. One may assume that many were hopeful for improved and positive change in their lives and living conditions with the new democracy but that is yet to be fully realized in the post-apartheid era. Perhaps issues concerning housing, education, employment and land restitution that were not properly dealt with during apartheid are still re-surfacing again, generating xenophobic and violent protests. This exhibition, which was inspired by resistance protests, employs materials from the University of the Western Cape/Robben Island Museum Mayibuye archive to interrogate the concept of service delivery and to bring the audience's attention to the interrelatedness of the past to the present.
Photographers and artists whose works are exhibited include Dave Hartman, Omar Badsha, Paul Weinberg, Billy Paddock, Gill de Vlieg, Guy Tillim, Eli Weinberg, Andrew Lamprecht, Selma Waldman and Tyrone Appollis .

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1511th said...

Did you go for this? It sounds interesting

Oyinda said...

Unfortunately no, but I would love to find out what ppl thought about it.