Wednesday, 29 April 2009


Vibe Live, Brick Lane Sunday
26th April
£10 for a day ticket

What happens to all those films, made consistently throughout the history of cinema, which run to a length of 30-65 minutes, outside the usual parameters of comfortable screening as 'short' films or as 'feature-length'? This unique and innovative event will showcase just some of the many excellent contemporary films that fall within this supposedly 'problem length', and interrogate the question of duration from the perspective of filmmakers and viewers, festival selectors and cinema programmers. In doing so it will illuminate the industrial constraints, from funding and commissioning to distribution and exhibition, that have marginalised films that simply take what time they need to achieve their ambitions and also asks how the changing nature of film festival activity and alternative forms of dissemination of audio-visual material is allowing more filmmakers to produce works of various lengths, and how these films may reach ever more literate and inquisitive audiences.

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