Tuesday, 25 November 2008

The WORK in Workshop

Five days into the Pret-a-Partager workshop and I am overwhelmed!

I consider myself to be more of an Art Writer/ Commentator through my blog and a Project Co-ordinator through my paying job, so to be labelled a Theoretician as I have been here has got me stuck in the mud.

I have no problems with theories, but the work and the way I like to promote art is more in the area of participation. Participation for me covers accessibility and in particular taking art away from the philosophers and opening it up to the people. For me Theorising can and usually stands as a summbling block as people struggle to grasp concepts.

Reading through previous posts and articles I have written, one thing I can definetly say about my style of writting is that it is tres relaxed. I'm more likely to say 'so and so shows this through bla bla bla' than 'so and so reflects this by means of bla bla bla'. I will definetely have to watch my language. I suppose in referencing the work I am doing here, my blog is smart/casual, while my report will definetly be black tie!

However I will try and produce a piece which meets both mine and the organisations objectives.

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