Wednesday, 5 November 2008

One Giant Leap for Mankind

I tried not to get too involved in the presidential election in America, after all I don't live there and have no right to vote. BUT today I witnessed something that has moved me beyond belief! That the current president of the United States of America is of African decent is not a small matter.

For a long time I questioned why people were voting for him and whether or not they took the time to read his policies, I assumed it was solely because he was Black.In a bid to dispel this many friends directed me to his policies and to video footage of him speaking (He truly is articulate and actually mesmerising to watch).

A friend was relaying that a friend of his watched his grandma cry at the results as there was a time when she herself could not vote, yet here she was watching an African American become president. This was history in the making, and that which was being felt by individuals as well as communities.

There are times when we feel that making a stand will not produce a result, but this election has shown that there are those that stand (strong) and make the impossible possible!

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