Saturday, 14 June 2008

Lift Festival at Stratford

The Lift Festival Stratford opened on Thursday night with a house warming party complete with Chinese food, wine and live music. The event saw the return of Lift to it's roots of producing an International Theatre Festival, which it has not produced since 2001. It also saw the opening of their new mobile venue The Lift.

The building is quite pleasing to the eye, almost tipi like in structure with a multi-coloured based design over a white backdrop. The structure houses a screen, devoted to a film on how the lift was made and two much larger indoor and outdoor screens. A stage has also been built which continues to platform established and emerging artist throughout the festival. The event makes use of both Stratford Circus Theatre and Theatre Royal Stratford East, the later showcasing the fantastic Dangalnama.

Dangalnama is a gripping account of sectarian rioting in India since the assassination of Indira Gandhi in 1984. Performed in five languages, with English subtitles the piece through the voices of journalists, students, artists and politicians presents survival stories that are in turn moving, shocking, thought-provoking and surprisingly humorous. The show runs until the 17th June and is a truly moving and educational piece of theatre.

The Lift festival will continue on to the Southbank and will also appear at the Shoreditch Festival.

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