Thursday, 26 June 2008

Are All Nigerians Criminals ???

Most of the oil in Nigeria comes from the delta area, I spoke about the exhibition at CCA Lagos that I attended on the issue.
The issues with crime and fraud started with low amount of money being fed back into the communities and poverty increasing.

HOWEVER growing up in the UK I have never felt so afraid of being here in all my life. I feel like the fear epidemic has caught up to me and I literally feel the tension with every step I take.

SO as I count down to my move to Nigeria for a one year residency I am preparing to put together some work on migration and on identity.

I found this video very interesting as a Nigerian / Black-British-African or what ever box I have to tick.

Hope it encourages and challenges you either as artists or as individuals to highlight these type of isssues in your work.

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