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call for proposals

:: Call for Curators ::
Guest Curator Project
2011-2012 Program

Action Art Actuel [AAA] is putting out a call to exhibition curators. For a third year, AAA is making its spaces available to a curator for a series of 5 exhibitions, enabling him/her to play a crucial role in determining AAA’s 2010-2011 programming. In doing so, AAA hopes to support innovative curatorial practices and the dialogue surrounding them. Furthermore, a series of exhibitions, residencies, on-site and off-site events will run parallel to the programming

The curator will have the mandate to present a series of five exhibitions on a theme of his/her choice. The proposed program may include 1 or 2 residency projects for a 6 to 8 week period of research and production. We also encourage performance elements that may be combined with the opening of certain exhibitions. A publication documenting the exhibitions and the research associated with them will be produced at upon completion of this third year of curatorial-based programs.


* • To propose a theme for a series of five exhibitions;
* • To conceive of five exhibitions based on this theme;
* • To choose 5 authors who will write an essay on the artworks, in relation to the theme of the season;
* • To select the artists and the artworks;
* • To provide the necessary documentation for evaluating the proposed projects;
* • To establish the first contact with the artists and authors in order to be assured of their collaboration (following the acceptance of a proposal, the centre will assume responsibility for the subsequent stages);
* • To write a text presenting the series [500 words max.] and a critical essay on the overall programming [1000 words approx.], and to provide the AAA staff with information for writing the grant applications and press releases;
* • To be present at the opening of the season and for each exhibition [as much as possible], be available for media interviews and so on.

An honorarium will be paid to the curator. For more details consult [honoraria paid, list of equipment, plans of exhibition and work spaces] below.

The curator must agree to visit the centre before beginning the programming work in order to become acquainted with the spaces and their potential.

The curator is responsible for selecting the projects; however, they are subject to the centre’s approval for financial, technical and/or logistical reasons.


January 31, 2011: Deadline for receiving applications;

February 15, 2011: Selection of the curator;

March 10, 2011: Submission of the final presentation text for the curatorial project, and reception of the artist and author confirmations;

September 2011: First exhibition, launching of the curatorial project;

Sept 2011 to June 2012: Presentation of 5 exhibitions, creation residencies carried out, and texts written by the selected authors;

September 2012: The curator and authors submit final texts;

January 2013: Launching of the publication.


Submission should include the following:

* • A description of the curatorial project, explaining the theme and the choice of exhibiting artists [5 pages maximum];
* • An up-to-date curriculum vitae;
* • Ten [10] images of pre-selected work [this may be installation views or sketches of works in progress] on CD or DVD, with a description list indicating the name of the artist, the title of the work and the date of production;
* • Two published texts [or in the process of being published];
* • A press kit.

Submissions must be sent for the January 31, 2011 deadline BY MAIL ONLY:

Action Art Actuel
Guest Curator Project
190 rue Richelieu
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Qc
J3B 6X4


Action Art Actuel is an artist-run centre devoted to the promotion and development of contemporary art. For more than 20 years, AAA has been active in the Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu region of Quebec, supporting and presenting the work of artists from here and abroad.

AAA offers a stimulating environment for research, experimentation and presentation in which both emerging and established artists can participate in a program of exhibitions, events and residencies. The centre has two exhibition galleries, a studio with residence and a documentation centre of contemporary art.

AAA is a dynamic artist-run centre that proposes various means of presentation, research, promotion and production of multidisciplinary works. Several initiatives and satellite activities are carried out in parallel with the exhibition program, such as publications, organized training sessions and community outreach programs. Numerous collaborations are also initiated through curated projects and international exchanges.

view the exhibition space layout

view the residency working space layout (next to the exhibition space)


For exhibitions:
3 x multim├ędia projectors
- 2 x Canon 2000 lumens
- 1 x Eiki 4500 lumens
3 x dvd players
3 x flat tv screen (LED)
- 2 x Sharp 20 inches
- 1 x Panasonic 32 inches
1 x amplifier QSF rmx850-270W

For residencies:

- basic woodworking tools (circular saw, drill, jigsaw, miter saw, etc)
- acess to computers (imac) : Adobe CS3
- 1 HD camera Canon HF200 SD
- 1 wireless microphone
- a computer imac (17 inches intel core duo), equiped for video mounting (Final Cut Studio)


Curator Fee : 2 500$ CAD
Exhibition Fee : 1 500$ CAD
Performance Fee : 350$ CAD
Residency Production Fee : 1 500$ CAD
Writer Fee : 400$ CAD for 1 000 words
Transportation Allowance : 150$ CAD by exhibition

For more information:
Julie C. Paradis, director

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