Friday, 19 February 2010


The American University in Cairo
Performance and Visual Arts Department
and Townhouse invite you to participate in

A collaborative multichannel video installation project
by Aras Ozgun

Sharjah Art Gallery and Townhouse Gallery
6 – 23 March 2010

Deadline for Application: Thursday, 28 February 2010

The main idea of this project is to provide an open framework (literally, "frames") that can combine and cultivate many different experimental narratives, aesthetic techniques and approaches that are possible in video. Each frame/video is open to be called with a performance as well as a documentary, with sound, acts, or a still-life or a landscape image. Each artists contribution can re!ect a personal statement/concern relating to a limit situation between private and public. While each contributors work remains as an autonomous piece/expression, it resonates with the others at the same time, and forms a collective, participatory body of work.


Session 1 - Introductory session
March 6, Saturday, Townhouse Gallery

Session 2 - Development of Ideas and Critique
March 9, Tuesday, Sharjah Art Gallery

Session 3 - Videography and field work
March 13, Saturday, Townhouse Gallery

Session 4 - Post-production
March 16, Tuesday, AUC PVA computer lab

Session 5 -Exposition Making at AUC
March 23, Tuesday

To apply for the workshop and exhibition, please send your CV and a short letter of motivation to the "Art Department", by Thursday 28th February 2010.

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