Thursday, 25 September 2008

I'm in London for a Week

So I've popped into London for a wedding and over the week I found time to catch the last day of 'The House of Victor and Rolf', chill out at the Plain Jane's launch night 'Firsts', Visit the Southbank (love it) and plan an event with Artsadmin and I am Thinktank, 'Ive Got 2012 Seconds to (Lo)go' (I'm trying to decide whether or not to do a photo journal to illustrate this. Hmmm, OK maybe 2mrrw).

The event takes place on Saturday at Toynbee Hall Aldgate East. Do stop by if your looking for an alter-native way to spend your Saturday + its FREE!!!!

Details below:

Please book online here to avoid disappointment as there is limited capacity to these events

Youth led programming at Artsadmin

Through out the past year Artsadmin has worked with over 100 young people on various Live Art projects. Artsadmin At Home gives our participants a chance to showcase their skills, imaginations and creativity.Our young people have spent the last few weeks preparing projects that give you a peek at what it is like to take part in an education program here at Artsadmin.

SATURDAY 27th 2.30pm

Starting things of with a bang will be AfroLata and their one-off appearance here at Toynbee Studios. AfroLata are the younger, fiery members of AfroReggae, whose new show, Favelization, is set to storm the Barbican this September.Using everything from drums to tins to play on, AfroLata create music that will have you dancing all over Spitalfields.

SATURDAY 27th 3.15pm - onwards

Straight after join us in The Courtroom for some Olympic themed karaoke followed by a two thousand and twelve second long workshop titled 'I’VE GOT 2012 SECONDS TO (LO)GO'. A chance for you to create an accessible, new image for everyone wanting to get involved with London 2012 – free limited edition doughnuts and tea available to all participants.


On Sunday at 2pm you will have the final opportunity to see what happened during the Artsadmin Summer School 2008. The group will lead you through a series of exercises they have designed to give you a sneaky peek at what they got up to last month.Also showing will be a film and images from the performance From The Top.



oh how i wish i was here when you were here!thanks for outlining some great events hun.did you like viktor and Rolf do?

Oyinda said...

I know!!!
I loved the outfits and the retrospective- it really made me appreciate what great artists/ designers they are. But I went with Deji and he acted as if I had dragged him shopping and had a 'once you've seen one dress, you've seen them all' take on the exhibition.