Friday, 29 August 2008

Laughing in a Foreign Language

When you move it always takes a bit of time to adjust. This is true when moving house, county and more so when moving country. Had it not been for my last few days in Youth Service I would have been tempted back into my holiday mentality. I am now officially a Lagos State Youth Corper and have had to shake off my London Swagger in order to fit in.

This was and continues to be easier said than done as I found myself speaking not only in my full English accent but also using statements like " I have been waiting ages for my uniform' to which I was met with a roar of laughter as my officers and fellow corpers proceeded to mock me.

However I am a soldier (well actually I'm a Youth Corper but there's not much difference) and I intend to make it out the other side ALIVE!

Now with every institution there are rules and regulations that must be followed i.e do not use the internet to browse porn at work, equal rights, etc. With Youth service there are a host of right and wrongs with laughable penalties. For instance you can be fine 1,000N (approx 4 quid) or face 4-6 months in jail for wearing an NYSC uniform when you are not serving. I intend to see how many people I can get to don my uniform even in the face of such terrifying consequences, lol.
I will provide pictorial proof!

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