Sunday, 13 July 2008

Vogue Italia Robbed Me

I made up my mind about purchasing this months Italian Vogue pretty much as soon as I heard about the all black issue. I read a lot of comments both for and against buying it but stuck to my guns. Checking in WH Smith religiously for a sign of the issue, I started to think it may just be hoax, after all no one had actually seen a hard copy let alone held it.

It was after coming across a supposed release date that my heart again warmed to the reality of owning a copy. I made my way once again to WH Smith and to my astonishment is was still Linda Evangelista staring back at me. This was the last straw! I proceeded to Google the issue and pay another visit to the Italian site. As usual Ebay is always the top result and I decided to click on the link. You can just imagine the look on my face when I saw approximately 8 copies on auction, a couple of which were available to 'buy now' for £20. The tag line read 'Sold out in Newsagents'. My heart could take no more of this! Was this magazine all it was hyped up to be!?!

Friday night, my friend makes the same trip home, only this time all four copies of Vogue stare back at her!

10:20am Saturday morning we meet, 10:30 we both decide the Naomi cover will be more of a collectors item 10:35 off to work.

10:40 I'm ripping open the plastic wrapper and preparing to take my bite out of the magazine. I begin by flipping through the pages expecting to see more black models than I could handle. Page one- society parties, I see what I think is one black image, no she is just tanned. flick, the same body of introductory advertisements as UK Vogue, some things are just universal. Flick, Naomi, Flick, Naomi again. OK so its clear that I must be skipping a lot of pages because so far not so good.

I decide to go page by page, I should have done this to start, I discover some amazing images.
I wonder why I had jumped ship without really giving the magazine a chance, only to reach the end. It was one of those 300+ page magazines, you know the type and I just felt short changed. I handed over £6.80, yes it was better than the ebay price, but this was daylight robbery.

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